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Artists: Lindsay Lander, Margaret Shields, Miho Morinoue
Goal: to use blue, to remain non descriptive
How We Communicated: words, sound effects and body language….mind bullets

“Ooohh look at the drips, this is fun”, "I love drips", "I love the gestural strokes", “it looks like a dirty sheet”,"it's too blue", “I’m not sure about this”, "this area is not working for me", “we need to do something”, “we need more color”, “lets come back to this piece”, "that looks like a disease - oh no, it’s back", “this is really hard”, “what is working for you?”, “it’s too busy - it lacks areas where the eyes can rest”, sfumato, sfumato, sfumato…“lets add this here and bring it through in this area”,...sound and body gestures, silence, “where do you want to start?”, “ready to trade?”, “are we ready to bring in a third blue?”, “it’s too mid-range”, “it’s too decorative”, “it’s just too pretty, “it’s driving me crazy”, “we need to change something”, “it’s not working”, “what should we do with this part?”, “more grids”, “it getting too busy, we need to push that back!” Ultramarine blue becomes our savior. “I think we are close to done”, “let’s take it to the Mill.”

Not Too Pretty Please
Not Too Pretty Please
raw muslin, spray bottle, acrylic paynes gray, white and cyan blue, sharpies and a selection of hand cut stencils.
70 x 170 inches